We provide professional career, life and financial coaching services for youth between the ages of 13 and 25 years

Target Market:

• Youth who are deciding which career path to choose and require advice.

• Youth who want to be financially smart and manage their money effectively.

• Youth who want to get ahead in life and retire earlier rather than later.

• Youth who would like to open businesses and become financially independent.

• Youth who want to create a better future for their families.

• Youth who want to make a difference in the world!


• Short, Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Goal Setting

• Personal Vision and Mission Statements

• Financial Planning and Management (Budgeting Best Practices)

• Investing (Stocks, Bonds and Index Funds)

• Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

• Starting a Business

• Retirement Planning

• Career Advice (CV Writing, Self-Marketing, and Interview Tips)

• Time Management

• Leadership Skills

• Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life

• Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

• Overcoming Failure

• Improving Communication Skills

• Forming Strategic Relationships

• Principles of Happiness

• How to Practice Mindfulness

• Purchasing Property and Cars

• Appointing a Coach or Mentor

• Stress Management

• And many more...

Pricing is flexible to suit individual needs and requirements. Please reference any of the above when enquiring, thereafter we can design a custom service that specifically suits you. We endeavour to be competitive in terms of pricing to provide services to all clients who require them.

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Depending on the specific service we provide, we are also able to include some of the following in our offerings:

• Certificates of attendance.

• Post-service advice.

• Lifelong personal budget templates.

• Personal time management planning tools.

• Access to a network of professionals.

• And many more...

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• No products are marketed or sold in any of the services we provide.

• We have no affiliation with any financial institutions.

• Our services are not “get rich quick” schemes, rather informative sessions, workshops and webinars in which youth can understand career, life and financial principles.

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