About Radical Life Transformation:

Radical Life Transformation is an organisation founded by Cohen Appanah focused on career, life and financial coaching. The organisation was founded due to the evident gap in society where many youth choose incorrect career paths; make wrong life decisions and poor financial choices that significantly impact their future.


The level of career and financial literacy is a major cause for concern as youth are not exposed to sound career and financial management advice from a young age. This results in them earning money but having no clear direction on how to manage it effectively. This is when individuals and organisations step in to lure young employees into making unwise financial decisions that rob them of their finances through high fees and self-gain.


Radical Life Transformation aims to alleviate this challenge by providing coaching to youth about the many career, life and financial decisions that can be made and suggests the best ways in which to deal with them. The coaching provided is guaranteed to ensure that youth are well equipped to take care of their career, life and finances.

Our Vision:

To improve the lives of others on a global level through education and awareness on career, life and financial principles.

Our Mission:

To engage, impact, empower and uplift youth with the essential skills to lead personal change and transform the world.


About the founder & CEO:

Cohen Appanah is a determined, resilient, and highly motivated professional. His ultimate goal is to improve the lives of others through education and awareness in the form of coaching. Being a coach and a mentor is a passion for Cohen as it grants him the opportunity to live a life of higher purpose and fulfilment.


He holds a Degree in Engineering and his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He also holds two Post Graduate Diploma’s in Project Management and Business Management. He is registered with two professional bodies namely ECSA and SAIEE. Cohen is a Certified Professional Life and Mindfulness Coach who is also a registered member of COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa).


Cohen Appanah has a burning desire to positively impact the lives of the youth to ensure a better future for all.

Major Accomplishments:

• Master’s Degree (MBA) with “Cum Laude” and placed in Top 7% at age 27.

• “Best Leader” in a Management Development Programme at age 28.

• Management Position overseeing ±100 staff at age 28 being the youngest Manager in the Team.

• Published a research article at age 29 in the Journal of Management and Administration (JMA). A study on Millennials.

• Certificate of Merit – Strategic Leadership (GIBS).

• Strategic Challenge Winner Award – Leadership Acceleration Programme (GIBS).

• Senior Management Position overseeing ±140 staff at age 31 being the youngest Senior Manager in the Team.

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